Seminar – Hexham – 9 March 2016

Sigong Martin Gale returns to Hexham to give a seminar on Qigong, Wing Chun, Tai Chi and Chun Yuen . Existing students and new students are all welcome.


Here is an account of the seminar.


Level 2 warm up




Sigong started off by going through level 1 warm up, with is the usual first exercise that is done in all classes.





Level 2 warm up


Sigong then proceeded to level 2 warm up, which is not an exercise that Qigong students normally do, so it was good to see everybody managing this more challenging set of warm up exercises.






Level 2 warm up



The final element of the first part of the seminar was for everybody to go through the first form the Qigong syllabus, namely Balancing Gong. This was good for the students that do not do Qigong, as it gave a flavour of a different skill.






Sigong’s lecture


The second part of the seminar was focused on going over some fundamental concepts of Qigong, Taijiquan, Chun Yuen and Wing Chun. This was the subject of Sigong’s lecture, which everybody listened to with a cup of tea. Sigong went through the principles of each skills, and showed how they all share the fundamental principles of relaxation and posture. He also went on to explain the particularity of each skill and how they are all good for health.




Polishing Healthy Living Gong 1


The third and last part of the seminar saw Sigong split the people into groups, depending on what they wanted to practice and polish during the night. The Qigong students went over Healthy Living Gong 1 in great details, and the Taijiquan students went over self defence applications, including locking skills and pushing techniques.






Polishing Healthy Living Gong 1














Learning Taijiquan locking technique















Group photo at the end




It was all too soon the end of the two hours and time to proceed to the local Italian restaurant for a well deserved meal and further discussions about the skills and everybody experiences.



Everybody will be looking forward to the next visit from Sigong, which will take place on Wed 23 Nov 2016.


Seminar time: Wednesday 9 March 2016, 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Seminar location: The Bodyworks Centre, Hexham. See contact for directions.

There will be no regular classes that night and all attending will join in the two hours seminar.

After the seminar, we will go for a meal at a local restaurant and all are welcome to join us.

Seminar costs:

Members: £22 Non-members: £27